Imperial Luungs do not mate for life, but they do have some limitations during a breeding season. Hinds can only be bred once per season (1 RL month), and bulls can only cover a maximum of 3 hinds per season. Luungs produce clutches of 1-3 eggs, which hatch after a short incubation period. Baby luungs are compeltely mobile at birth, with all sense intact, and during the first few months of life they'll form the strongest bonds with their masters.

Breeding luungs is a big part of the game - it's all about developing the most beautiful animals with the most complex patterns and designs. By breeding, you can produce complex morphs with multiple genes. This is the only way to accomplish some multi-morph combinations, as randoms, semi-customs, and even customs limit the number of genes each luung may have.


  1. You must have a male x female (bull x hind) pair in order to breed. Same sex couples cannot produce offspring.
  2. Females may only breed once a month, while males may only breed three times in a month.
  3. You may use someone else's bull/male when breeding, but you must obtain permission to do so beforehand.