Size: 4"-6" inches at the shoulder, and up to 2 feet long
Diet: Omnivorous
Social: Group; Fortune


Luungs live in social groups called 'fortunes', which can consist of several bulls and hinds. They're friendly, affectionate creatures, who are undyingly faithful to their masters. In general, imperial luungs are playful, rambunctious creatures that love to frolic with one another. They can also be trouble makers, as they love to play pranks on people and get into everything. Curiosity is their number one trait!

Luungs communicate through a series of clicks and chirps. They don't have any language understandable by humans, by they can imitate some words - like parrots do!

Just like their large counterparts, luungs are considered a symbol of good luck. The more luungs, the luckier they are! Furthermore, they have some minor control over water and weather.


Luungs are omnivores; They enjoy a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains, but also require a modest amount of meat in order to stay healthy. Raw chicken, turkey, or beef works very well, but they’ll also eat whole rodents when given the opportunity.