Adoption Rules

You must have a working website where you can page your imperial luungs. Luungs can't just sit around on your hard drive, after all! Your website cannot be a forum or part of a game such as gaia-online or pony island. is a great place to get started!

Imperial Luungs are only available through The Crossroads, so you must be a member there in order to adopt.

You may not alter any of the imperial luung art, or claim it to be your own! Please credit Memoru for their creation, and link back to Imperial Luungs ( with each of your luungs.

Luungs must be paged in a timely manner, or they will be reclaimed and readopted out.

You may trade and resell your luungs to fellow Crossroads members. The rules for doing so are listed below.

Bulls and hinds must be paged seperately! Otherwise unwanted breedings may occur. Yikes!

Trading Rules

You may trade/resell your luungs only for crossroad coins and other luungs! You may not trade for other critters, or trade/sell your luungs on forums other than The Crossroads.

The person who purchases your luungs must also follow all the rules of Imperial Luungs. Please make sure you link to this website in any trade/sale thread you create.

You, or the new adopter, are required to send Memoru a PM informing her of your trade, including the Luung's ID number(s), the previous owner, the new owner, and their new page - this is to keep records in order.